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6 Courses

Teacher: Amy Turner

Year 7 English

I hope that you are really excited about studying English this year. We are going to explore a host of great activities including great works of literature, creative writing,  presenting ideas logically and clearly, developing precise and imaginative vocabulary and much more! Do look over the scope and sequence document before you get started.

Teacher: Lucy Sykes

Year 7 Maths

In this course we want you to remember that studying Maths should be fun! Remember that this subject will help you see the entire universe in a different light. Your tutor will be there to help you and do start by looking through the scheme of work for this year. We'll take you through the basics to consolidate your learning and then on to lots of new and exciting concepts.

Teacher: Ruth Marvin

Year 7 Computer Science

Welcome to Year 7 Computer Science. In this course you will cover a range of topics including animation, computer hardware, famous computer scientists, python programming, game and web design, machine learning, AI and data representation (the wonderful Maths behind Binary) Taught by an experienced teacher and the creator of and, there is lots to look forward to in this course!

Teacher: Jonathan Marvin

Year 7 Foundations

Foundation Studies are a unique element of Immanuel Online School. Foundations combines practical application with Biblical studies, theology, apologetics and philosophy, religious studies, church and cultural history to provide students with a deep-rooted understanding of Christianity and the contemporary world in which they live. We kick off Year 7 Foundations with the highly acclaimed "Soul" series (Christianity Explored ministries). 

Teacher: Robert Chamberlain

Year 7 Combined Humanities

Humanities is a combined course, which focuses on history and geography and includes elements of cultural studies, architecture, music, and art. There is plenty to look forward to from the collapse of the West Roman Empire to the study of clouds and much more! Many of the topics you study will have a biblical link for you to explore as well.

Teacher: Aileen Seymour

Year 7 Combined Science

In Year 7 science, we will cover the UK national curriculum requirements and embark on an inspiring journey to explore the wonders of God's creation through the fascinating disciplines of physics, chemistry, and biology. With every experiment and investigation, we will discover more about the intricate design of the natural world, and gain a deeper appreciation for the infinite wisdom and creativity of our Heavenly Father.