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Want more to do in the day?

Want more to do in the day?

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Embark on a transformative journey with our Projects course - where students can explore the opportunity to take part in diverse array of hands-on projects designed to ignite creativity, hone practical skills, develop spiritual maturity and nurture entrepreneurial spirits. 

students working on a project on a laptop with a lamp. outside the window is the sun. Idea bulb

Examples include:

  1. Etsy Entrepreneurship
  2. Web and Game Design outcomes
  3. Literary Luminary - publish and sell your own book (this could be a children's book, we'll show you how!)
  4. Hometown Chronicles: Christian Heritage (Uncover the rich history of your local town, with a focus on Christian heritage. Research, document, and present a captivating narrative that pays homage to the cultural and spiritual roots of your community.) 
  5. Faith in Design: Promotional Materials for Churches and Youth Clubs
  6. Spiritual Dialogues Research Presentation (on Spiritual Hot topics)
  7. Eco-Warrior Initiative
  8. Tech Innovator Challenge
  9. Global Cultural Exchange
  10. Health and Wellness Campaign
  11. Digital Storytelling Podcast