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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

by IOS Admin - Number of replies: 1

...................Happy Easter everyone! ✝️💓🥚

Just a note to say that tomorrow (FRIDAY) is the last day of this term. We resume on Monday 08 April. 

Have a wonderful holiday and a really good rest. Having said that, the learning portal will continue to be online and accessible for those of you who may want to spend some time catching up on various bits.

And here's a little🧀poem to wish you a Happy Easter. 😀

Happy Easter from IOS (and Chat GPT!)

In the world of online learning, Immanuel's bright crew,

 Mastering lessons and tests, they surely knew. 

In live tutorials, they shone like a star, 

Participating earnestly, both near and far.

Now a break they've earned, Easter is here, 

Time to rest and rejoice, without a tear. 

But amidst the joy, let's hold Jesus dear, 

For He rose again, making everything clear.

So hats off to these students, dedicated and true, 

May Easter bring blessings, both old and new. 

For Jesus, our Saviour, makes all things right, 

In His resurrection, shines eternal light.

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Re: Happy Easter

by IOS Admin -
Just to clarify the last day of term is Friday 22 March.