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Reports: Something to look forward to!

Reports: Something to look forward to!

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Termly reports will be out soon, with detailed comments from your wonderful tutors, attainment and effort scores and of course a breakdown of all grades, for all subjects, for every test and assignment. We suggest going through these with a parent and thinking about the areas in which you can improve or even challenge yourself further. You have all been so busy and deserve a good break!

And, with a little AI help, here is a report related poem 😀

What the numbers mean

In the realm of reports, where numbers hold sway, 

1's shine like stars, lighting up the day. 

With work of such excellence, they're truly elite, 

Their commitment unwavering, they never miss a beat.

Then come the 2's, steady and true, 

Their work's quite good, they know what to do. 

With consistent effort, they're a solid delight, 

In the land of reports, they shine ever so bright.

But ah, the 3's, a mixed bag indeed, 

Their work shows potential, but still they need 

Some tweaking and guidance to reach their full height, 

For improvement awaits, shining oh so bright.


Ah, but the 3's, they're a curious lot, 

With work that's a blend, like a puzzle to slot. 

Room for improvement, they hear with a sigh, 

But fear not, dear 3's, you'll spread wings and fly!

and finally,

And let's not forget the 4's, who may need a hand, 

Their work needs a boost to help them expand. 

With commitment in question, they've yet to find their groove, 

But with support and encouragement, they'll surely improve.

So fret not, dear students, reports are on the way, 

With grades all accounted in a lovely display. 

Soon they'll be ready, for you to review, 

With lessons and laughs, to help guide you anew!

Attainment and Effort

1 = Excellent (high quality work, consistently high commitment)

2 = Good (good quality work, consistent commitment)

3 = Room for improvement (work of inconsistent quality, variable commitment)

4 = Significant improvement needed (poor quality work, commitment below expectations)